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About Us

"Libriproibiti - Bookbinder and Publisher was created with the aim of restoring the forgotten or 'forbidden' books, heritage of humanity, to their former glory and making them accessible to all. 

Our books are all handcrafted using techniques employed between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. We primarily produce two types of texts:

  1. Libriproibiti editions - ancient books completely rewritten and re-paginated in the style of their respective time periods. These editions are often enriched with images, even where they were not present in the original printing. 
  2. Anastatic editions by Libriproibiti - books for which the PDF print file has been thoroughly or partially cleaned of impurities, whenever possible, to ensure a better reading experience. 
  3. Pseudobiblium and fantasy editions by Libriproibiti - these editions are entirely written and paginated by Libriproibiti, with the intention of bringing fantasy works to life. Examples include the Nine Doors of the Kingdom of Shadows, the Delomelanicon, the Necronomicon, and the De Vermis Mysteriis. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at:"

Our Authors and Collaborators... From Hell


Publisher, author "From Hell" and editor of the whole Libriproibiti production
OracolareA official editor and others Libriproibiti editions
Author "From Hell"
Author "From Hell"
Author and official Editor for Libriproibiti "From Hell" editions (modern authors)


OracolareA official editor and for others Libriproibiti editions
Author and official Editor for Libriproibiti "From Hell" editions (modern authors)
Illustrator for Libriproibiti "From Hell" Editions
Composer and Sound Designer fro AudioBooks and Video Trailers
Illustrator of NECRONOMICON
Editor for some Libriproibiti editions