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FAQ: Frequently asked questions that our customers ask us. 

1. Are the texts also available in other languages? Is it possible to translate them? 

The information sheet for each title available in the catalog lists the only language(s) available for that title. We do not do on-demand translations of texts. 

2. Is it possible to remove the Libriprohibiti logo?

No. Our brand name is an indication of quality and we are very proud of it; moreover, the brand name ensures that the production is original to our workshop and allows us to keep a check on the various attempts of falsification. 

3. Is it possible to request a custom cover?

It depends on the type of request. Generally, most requests cannot be satisfied, since the skins and eco-leathers are numbered in order to produce a total number of identical copies of the same title and, often, the imagination exceeds the possibilities of realization. We can accommodate small change requests, such as the addition or removal of studs, the use of portions of leather of different colors (if available) for inlays, but such requests are to be agreed upon compulsorily before finalizing the order and never after the order has been placed. Under no circumstances will we accept requests for total distortion of the cover. 

4. Is it possible to have the book in a larger/other size? 

The available formats are all in the listings; where there is no alternative, the title is produced only in the format indicated. Every year we work on expanding the catalog and adding new formats, so any suggestions are welcome but we don't make promises if we can't keep them. 

5. My order is a gift, can I receive it before the normal delivery time? 

On average we reserve a minimum of space to handle unforeseen events and special occasions, but it is not always possible for us to accommodate requests. If you have specific needs you can email us and we will do our best to accommodate you, while respecting everyone's orders. During the Christmas season we do not change the production queue for any reason. 

6. I have a book to restore, can you do that? 

Unfortunately, no. We do not handle restorations of either pages or covers, especially if we have no way of being able to assess the condition of the title in person, and under no circumstances do we accept shipment of materials for feasibility assessments. 

7. I placed my order two weeks ago, why haven't I received anything yet? 

The turnaround time for our books ranges from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the production queue, as indicated in each listing and under "production time." We encourage you to read the specifications carefully when ordering and to remember that if we have to spend hours and hours responding to emails inquiring about orders, we will have less and less time to get them done and delivered on time. ù

8. I found one of your titles but paid much more than I see on your site, why? 

Unfortunately, there have been cases reported to us where some individuals have resold our books at considerably higher prices than ours. We have no power over this kind of situation, except to invite you to report such cases to us and suggest that you purchase our titles exclusively on our site or from our officially authorized dealers, a list of which you can find at this link: Official Retailers (Bookstores). 

9. Can I have (even for a fee) the print files you use for your editions? 

Every title we produce in our catalog is copyrighted because, although these titles are considered "World Heritage" titles, they have all been revised, rewritten, corrected and, for many, the layout has been completely redone. Therefore, they are not available to the public even for a fee, just like any other publishing house's production. 

10. Can I request editing of a text (adding dedications, changing the font, adding or removing, etc.) before purchase? 

Print files are prepared in such a way as to be traceable by edition number and year, so a change, even a minor one, involves taking it from the printer, editing it, and preparing a new print file. This procedure has costs that for a single copy it does not make sense to do, since the total price should cover the expense of printing a minimum of twenty copies. Instead, we take into account the reporting of errors in the text that will be corrected in future editions.