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Le Nove Stanze di Zoser (The nine chambers of Zoser) taken by the Egyptian book of dead

Le Nove Stanze di Zoser, o “De umbrarum Circuli” di Horatii Sivelius, 1527


This is the most cursed book in history. It does not promise the conjuring of demons, it does not explain how to perform black magic spells or anything else. 

This book goes back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, and was taken directly from a decoded and "deviated" version of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Translated in part by Horatii Sivelius in 1527, directly from an ancient manuscript of the 11th* century, this book explains how to cross the Nine Chambers that lead to Zed, the city that lies in another universe, devoid of physical laws as we know them, that expands through Nine Dimensions inconceivable to human beings. It is a realm where impossible and immense structures reside, where the inhabitants elude human logic and where, probably in one of its 'suburbs', the city of Carcosa described in Robert Chambers' King in Yellow is also located.

But access to this forbidden city beyond the confines of time and space is not allowed to everyone; to reach Zed one must pass through the first eight Chambers in which the deceased must know magic formulas to open doors, endure unspeakable tortures, overcome the judgement of Anubis, challenge the god Osiris and defeat him with the help of the Sheut of the Sacrifice, and fight against the guardians defending the doors that lead through the Chambers.It is a book to challenge the gods, to circumvent and deceive their judgement and to bend the god Osiris to his will by entering the city of Zed.It is not a book for the evocation of strange entities, although it contains formulas for using and bending the Sheut Shadows to one's will. The rites described here will allow the deceased to come back to life in a form inconceivable to man, after reaching Zed and learning the truth about the whole of creation.


The Nine Rooms of Zoser is a creation of Massimo Mayde, author of the novel with the same name divided into nine short stories soon to be published under the From Hell Libriprohibiti brand. The Nine Chambers of Zoser is only a partial pseudobiblium, as it contains part of the Egyptian Book of the Dead and a 'filler' Latin text, since the real (if only partial) content of the original manuscript is unknown.


Genuine leather cover;
Number of pages: 400
Language: Italian and Latin
--- The Italian part is a partial translation of the Egyptian Book of the Dead with comments by Horatii Sivelius, a fictional character created for the novel by Maximus Mayde.
--- The Latin part is a "filler" text from Giordano Bruno's "De Magia".

Paper: Favini Parchment (90 grams)
Fully illustrated in colour, printed in gothic characters and 'by hand' to reproduce the experience of holding a real manuscript in your hand.

----The preview of The Nine Rooms of Zoser (the first story) by Massimo Mayde can be listened to free of charge in audiobook form at this address: The Nine Rooms of Zoser - "I corpi azzurri"


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Les livres sont tous fabriqués à la main: imprimés, rognés, cousus, et positionnés dans la presse pour la première impression. Les protubérances de papier aux marges sont rognées à la main et nivelées. La tête et le pied sont cousus avec le "capitellum" et enfin la couverture est préparée. Après cela, si prévu, le papier et la couverture sont vieillis à la main avec des couleurs spéciales. Une fois le livre terminé, il est laissé à "reposer" pendant au moins une demi-journée, emballé et expédié. En bref, cela prend du temps...! :)

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