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Necronomicon Versione Steampunk – H.P. Lovecraft – Cthulhu

Necronomicon Steampunk – H.P. Lovecraft – Cthulhu


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“Steampunk” version of the famous Necronomicon.
Artwork of the pseudobiblium, invented book by the visionaries writers, recounted faithfully in their works, making them real legends. It is sometime associate to Codex Picatrix, other unidentified book, written at the time of ancient Egypt.
The fact remains: the Necronomicon is a book of fiction, so i made it as my fantasy. Here I propose it bound in double fiber of leather, black and red, with studs on the front plate and the back.
At the center of the cover I set an octopus, very present in art steampunk, which is also a clear reference to Cthulhu.
Totally printed with character “by hand” ancient style. Latin text from a pre edited text with a mix of grimoires.


SIZE: 21 x 15 cm
COVER: Hardcover, red and black fiber of leather
PAPER: Fabriano 80 gr.
NOTES: Face of Cthulhu on the cover. Only the first page with the title and his left page are printed in color. All other pages of the book are printed in black and white.


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