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SOLD OUT - Codex De bestiis et magia - an incredible and enigmatic book

Codex De bestiis et magia – an incredible and enigmatic book


This product is currenlty unavailable

A book completely inspired by the Voynich manuscript and the Codex Seraphinianus.

The book consists of 300 pages written in a deliberately incomprehensible way, even if the text used is "readable" if you are able to find the key. Why such a book? Apparently meaningless, the book wants to trace the wonderful sense of the arcane that books such as the Codex Seraphinianus and the Voynich manuscript giving us. Beautiful books with an arcane feeling, even if incomprehensible, hide a hidden message.

Even our book, completely made by us, hides a secret. Do you want to try to decipher this book?

The images are taken from various texts, including medieval bestiaries, manuscript books on botany from the 1300s, Arabic history and astronomy books and many others.

300 pages printed on 90 gram Favini parchment paper, full brown painted leather binding, medieval style.

Size: 20x25,5 cm

Warning: this book will be produced occasionally. It cannot be ordered. ONLY ONE AVAILABLE at the moment.


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